About Us

Based in Sheffield,  UK, Pictorial Meadows brings together horticulturalists, designers, ecologists, landscapers and of course our hard working Dispatch Team.

The Company was originally founded by Professor Nigel Dunnett and is part owned by the University of Sheffield and the environmental social enterprise Green Estate. Benefiting from the ongoing research from the University and the pioneering application work of Green Estate, products and knowledge are continually evolving.


As a team we are passionate about the subject and are continually working on improved solutions. Our unique strength comes from our dual role in the landscape industry. We are landscape practitioners ourselves at the forefront of development to new landscape solutions  especially in increasingly challenging economic times.

As a major user of our own products we have considerable vested interest in impact quality and reliability.  This has driven our establishment of  the seed company where we can control all element of bespoke design, cost and supply.

When our mixes reach you,  you will know that they are a  product of years of research backed by leading horticulturalists. You will know that the seed is of good quality and that the advice we give is the product of years of observations and trials.