Sue is a horticulturalist, educationalist and highly experienced landscape manager and is not only CEO of Green Estate but is also pivotal to everything that Pictorial Meadows is involved in – particularly around the research and development of successful urban meadows.

Sue France

Managing Director

Jonathan looks after the commercial aspects of the business – particularly seeking out new opportunities – but as an experienced horticulturist  he also knows his Alliums from his Achilleas!

Jonathan Wild

Commercial Director

Dan is one of our longest serving team members and ensures that all our operations – from meadow installation and maintenance to the development of specific projects such as public parks and private gardens are carried out to the highest standards!

Dan Cornwell

Operations Director

Helen heads up the planning and managerial aspects of all our contracts – from the production of designs and plans, to the specification and costings. She also ensures that the teams have everything they need to complete each project and that materials and teams are in the right place at the right time.

Helen McNally

Senior Landscape Architect

Jonathan runs our sales, seed mixing and order fulfilment department – the beating heart of our Pictorial Meadow seed operation! This is a critical function- particularly during the very busy spring season when there are hundreds of individual orders to get out to eager customers every day!

Jonathan Lomas

Sales and fulfilment Officer

Alan is the lynchpin in our operational team – and has been for years now; he is responsible for creating acres of meadows across the UK for hundreds of happy clients (and Bees!)…..

Alan Edwards

Operations Manager

Miguel has a first degree in Forestry and Engineering and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Sheffield where he played an active part in meadow research.

Based in Madrid, Spain, Miguel is our expert in Mediterranean and xeriscape landscapes.

Miguel Garcia

Landscape Architect

Coming soon!

Lian Noriega-Waite

Production Officer

Panos is a Landscape Architect and Environmental Scientist currently running his own Landscape Practice in Greece. He is actively engaged in meadow research including seed production while promoting the social benefits of sustainable landscaping that are destined to have an impact; some of which include volunteering in nation-wide initiatives and refugee projects.

Panos Paraschou

Landscape Architect

Coming soon!

Jan Smith Iversen

Scandinavian Sales Agent