Case Studies

Olympic Park Meadows

The landscaping of the Olympic Park in 2012 was a major success and Pictorial Meadows are very proud to have played a part in its creation.

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Woodland Management

Using our own Clydesdale, Big Lad, and the expert team at Pictorial Meadows we carry out many significant woodland management projects across South Yorkshire.

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The Cleared Sites Programme

An initial 3 year strategy of transforming waste land into vast inner city seed sown meadows started in 2004 and has continued to this day spreading from Sheffield to many other Northern Cities

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South Tyneside Council

South Tyneside Council commissioned Pictorial Meadows to sow annual seed mixes on 63 separate sites across 17 wards

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Coventry City Council

As a result of the success of the new meadows the Council received a barrage of compliments and went on to win a Gold award at the International Green Apple Awards in 2014

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