Grassland Management on behalf of The Sheffield Wildlife Trust

Close to home we like to be involved in traditional conservation management. Carbrook Ravine is a small but varied nature reserve managed by Sheffield Wildlife Trust. Nestled amongst the urban landscape it used to form part of an extensive 16.2 hectare deer park for the gentry of Sheffield.

Moonpennies amongst the grass

Moon pennies amongst the grass

Although there are no deer now, there is plenty of wildlife and  is home to a wide range of threatened species like Skylark, Song Thrush, and Bluebell. The locally rare golden male fern also grows in this nationally important wet woodland area, while ash, maple, aspen, sycamore and hazel can be found in the species rich north west of the site.

The Meadow Care Team applies the same principles of encouraging species diversity by timely management. For the past 10 years we have focussed on building up the population of Yellow Rattle and reducing the grass vigour through the management of the annual meadow cut.

Rare and beautiful species in the grassland

Many rare and beautiful native species thrive in the managed grassland

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