Just one of many local authority and council success stories that Pictorial Meadows have been at the heart of across the UK.

Pictorial Meadow annual mixes were trialled in both parks and highways throughout the City in 2014. The aim was to reduce maintenance along the highway but with all the added value of flowers and providing some inspiring planting for their traditional parks. Three highway locations and four parks were chosen as test sites and were sown with our ‘Classic’ and ‘Pastel’ mixtures.

Coventry 1

Coventry City Parks Development Officer commented:

“….the wildflower site you sowed on the A45 was very popular. So much so that the politicians have provisionally agreed to the creation of similar wildflower meadows on other sections of the adopted highway…..we will almost certainly stick with Pictorial Meadows seeds…”

As a result of the success of the new meadows the Council received a barrage of compliments and went on to win a Gold award at the International Green Apple Awards in 2014.