With urbanisation occurring at such a rapid rate throughout the world Its never been more important to manage our landscapes with Wildlife in Mind. And while our key concern should be to act as responsible stewards for the  natural world there is strong evidence now that contact with nature goes a long way to maintaining our own wellbeing and mental health.


Friendly Fox admiring the newly sown Pictorial Meadow at St Mary’s University, London

Research has shown us that urban meadows provide invaluable refuges for a surprisingly diverse range  of wildlife. Wherever possible we try and encourage leaving seed heads and stalks as long as possible too and We love watching the changes that come naturally to an area once the food sources increase.
Our Sheffield base  is very urban but that hasn’t stopped large flocks of Goldfinches from building year on year feeding off the wide variety of seeds produced.

Meadows of course have proven to be  fantastic for pollinators. Lots of flowers, long season flowering and a wide variety of flower types are the main things to aim for by everyone that wants to make sure that these invaluable insects continue to thrive. Here at pictorial Meadows we have been involved in some much more in depth research for the past 3 years carefully building up a much more analytic understanding of the differing pollen and nectar values of individual flowers and then slowly feeding these. What starts to emerge is a fascinating insight into just how complex this is – but its helped us to adjust mixes in a way that offers more to the pollinators without compromising how the meadows look and function.

Crow in meadow

A Crow admiring one of our Pictorial Meadow annual meadow mixes.

Whilst only one of thousands of different British Pollinators the honey bee has a special position in our hearts and economy. We maintain a colony of Pictorial Meadow hives with the bees foraging on the easily available and long season flowers from which we harvest a gorgeous mid summer heavy honey and a lighter but equally delicious September harvest.


As we work our way around the Country we are always thrilled to capture glimpses of other wildlife – whether it’s furry, slimy, feathered or an insect – enjoying our meadows. We are true wildlife lovers and are dedicated to ensuring that wherever we make a new landscape we will always ensure that we do everything we can to enhance the natural environment and make it a happy place for all creatures great and small!


You only have to see how eager this Great Crested Newt make a bee-line for a patch of new planted PM Turf to realise that nature loves our products…

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