A fabulous new product in our range, PM Turf is a quick and very easy way to establish a perennial meadow. In reality it is a pre-grown ‘turf’ of one of our fantastic perennial seed mixes and is produced and delivered in much the same manner as it’s grassy counterpart. So when it arrives at your site it will be a healthy selection of Pictorial Meadow plants – often flowering within just a few weeks of laying!

Birmingham Roundabout Golden Summer24.6 (1)

PM Turf Golden Summer at Birmingham’s Roundabouts.


Park Hill Flats, Sheffield.


Cycle Path in Newcastle upon Tyne

PM Turf is currently only available through Pictorial Meadows and because of the uniqueness of our seed mixes it is significantly superior to other ‘wildflower’ products on the market. These cheaper turfs cannot be compared to PM Turf as they will produce a much reduced floriferous display for a much shorter time as they are sown with grasses which will out- compete the flowers, and ultimately dominate the whole meadow.


PM Turf is sometimes available from stock, but to guarantee your order we recommend you pre-order. This particularly applies if you have a very large requirement or you need some bespoke mixes.



Available for 2016

We will be offering the following PM Turf selections for 2016:

Purple Haze SML July 2016 (7)

Purple Haze

Treasure Chest SML 2015 2nd yr (8)

Treasure Chest

Birmingham Roundabout Golden Summer24.6 (1)

Golden Summer

Contact us today to enquire about availability and any bespoke requirements you may have.

20151013_102423     DSC01117


Establishment and Aftercare

Read our PDF download for more information on PM Turf Establishment and Aftercare and find out how to keeping it looking great!

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