About Us

Pictorial Meadows was born 20 years ago, out of an intensive research programme, initially undertaken by Professor Nigel Dunnett of the University of Sheffield – the world’s leading centre on naturalistic planting.
The initial project was to develop beautiful meadows that would thrive on average garden soils. These would not need the ‘starvation’ regime normally associated with traditional wildflower meadows. A radically different approach to meadow landscapes emerged which combined ecology with design. Experimental plots established in Sheffield, provided a way to continually improve designs. The bed also enabled research into the care and establishment of meadows. This has made them accessible to everyone!

Since 2004 Pictorial Meadows has been part owned by the University of Sheffield and social enterprise, Green Estate. The company is made up of landscape architects, researchers, horticulturalists and landscape managers. This enables us to not only offer great products, but also to provide the specialist skills to help you.

Our Products, knowledge and services are now used to produce beautiful displays of naturalistic planting and meadow establishment right across the country and increasingly in Europe. Over 200 councils, hundreds of commercial organisations, together with many sporting arenas and land owners now regularly buy our products – many of them requesting our full service from consultation to implementation and maintenance.

Success can be measured in various ways but for us there is no better gauge than the testimonials we receive from our happy customers!

“It looked really fantastic last year with hundreds of compliments received”

We hope that you enjoy exploring this website and join us in making your very own Pictorial Meadow.
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