The Pictorial Difference

Inspired by Nature – Designed by Experts

Whilst our inspiration has come from the fabulous wildflower meadows both here in the UK and across the world we know that early efforts to replicate these in our garden and city landscapes have all too often failed.

There have been many reasons for this. On the technical side, a lack of understanding about meadow ecology resulted in seed mixes that were never formulated to thrive in normal fertility soils. Traditional low fertility wildflower meadows necessitate major re-landscaping efforts to try and emulate the stressed soil conditions that wildflowers need to out compete over-rampant grasses and domineering weed species. Most attempts ended in disappointment with ever decreasing levels of confidence and frustration with what on the face of it should be a very simple ‘look’ to achieve!

Equally important has been to understand people. Whilst most of us respond positively to a ‘natural’ look, the reality is that as a nation of gardeners we respond even more when nature has been somewhat enhanced! A stunning meadow that only looks good for 2 weeks every year has limited appeal and rank grass and docks even less. Long season interest, colour and good structure are vitally important. Most people also want the look now, and not in 10 years time!

As a consequence our offer is significantly different to that of other suppliers. Over the years we have combined a growing technical knowledge about meadow ecology with strong design interests. We control all aspects of product quality in house. In addition we have established a skilled team that combines management of our own unique park sites with a specialist meadow establishment and care service. This enables us to offer you naturalistic but idealized meadow like landscapes that establish relatively rapidly, actually perform and thrive in normal conditions and provide delight for a very long period. Designs are based on very carefully composed recipe’s that allow complex but well structured meadows to not only establish successfully but to go on to improve year on year. We build compositions with a high percentage of fine foliage and dainty flower heads but deliberately exclude most grasses and bulky flower forms from our mixes as they all to quickly swamp out the more desirable species.

For the first time, beautiful new meadow planting compositions have become possible for everyone. And whatever your budget, your level of expertise or your project size, the Pictorial Meadows team is here to help you achieve the meadow that you want. Just as your own meadow will evolve and develop over time into something totally unique we will be continuing to keep you up to date with new techniques, ideas and compositions that will take the pain out of what we believe is one of the most exciting new landscape styles of our lifetime.

Made in Sheffield, With Care and Passion

Green Estate is Pictorial Meadows parent company. As a not for profit organisation which uses landscape and heritage as a means of social change in one of the more deprived areas of Sheffield, the ongoing development of beautiful but affordable Pictorial Meadows landscapes has been an important element in delivering wellbeing. Pictorial Meadows has helped to change the physical, cultural and economic landscape around our neighbourhood and allows us to manage unique local parks on a very tight budget.

We are also very proud of our Sheffield heritage – just one more creative company thriving in a wonderful post-industrial city. As well as growing a lot of the species for the seed mixes ourselves, we ensure through stringent quality control procedures that every seed batch that we send to customers is of the highest quality and is as described. We continue to mix everything by hand as this allows us to get closer to the product and ensure that there has been no cross-contamination along the way.

We trial all our meadow mixes here in Sheffield and as we occupy one of the highest and most exposed part of this northern City we are pretty confident that if it grows here it will grow in your plot! Also our field testing in Scandinavia and Madrid has reinforced our satisfaction that we have products suitable for many more climactic zones and regions.

As a company we are very keen to spread the very unique Pictorial Meadows word to as many individuals and organisations as possible. We hold regular Open Days and Seminars at our Manor Lodge site and from 2016 we will be holding workshops across the UK at selected venues on a geographical basis. Wherever possible we always invite guest speakers to supplement our own team and try and make the sessions as practical as possible by using our own demonstration areas – both Parkland and meadow development plots. We are also regular presenters at professional seminars and our products are often showcased at major RHS Shows.