Perfect For Gardens of any Size or Style

Pictorial Meadows are the perfect solution for domestic gardeners seeking a naturalistic look but without the heartache normally associated with trying to establish a traditional meadow. The seed mixes and PM Turf are optimised for growing on any average garden soils and requiring nothing more than a clean, weed free seedbed in order to establish themselves.

Gateway flanked by Pictorial Meadows

A beautiful gateway to the countryside flanked by Pictorial Meadows Credit – Liz Newport

For gardeners they offer an amazing reward and return for minimal inputs – being the most floriferous meadow mixtures available which are hugely attractive to pollinators and other wildlife. We sell to gardeners and landowners all over the UK, and increasingly, overseas – sometimes in very large quantities but often as small packets where they are used to fill beds that would normally be filled with traditional bedding plants.


Blocks of flats brightened up with Pictorial Meadows

We run an annual photographic competition where we invite our customers to submit pictures of their Pictorial Meadows for a prize and entry into our ‘Hall of Fame’.

Pictorial Meadows compliment a converted Barn

A Pictorial Meadow looking lovely against an old converted Barn

Over the years this has been incredibly popular and we have had some beautiful images of ‘home-grown’ meadows sent in to us which demonstrate just how versatile these meadows are for gardeners.

The photos shown are just a small example of the many hundreds we gratefull receive every year. Please keep sending them to us!

Read a nice little blog post about our seeds courtesy of Huw Jenkins: Campbell’s Cottage: Pictorial Meadows