As an iconic Capability Brown landscape, The Trentham Estate brought in Professor Nigel Dunnett to carry out design and consultation works ahead of the planned year of celebrations in 2016 to celebrate Brown’s tercentenary. These works identified clearing large areas of woodland and diseased Rhododendrons to put in new contemporary planting.

Cleared woodland at the Trentham Estate prepared for sowing by our specialist teams

Cleared woodland at the Trentham Estate prepared for sowing by our specialist teams

Approximately 9,000 square metres of open spaces were created by these clearances, giving the perfect opportunity to use Pictorial Meadows on a larger scale.

Sarah Raven and Nigel Dunnett at the Trentham Estate

Sarah Raven and Nigel Dunnett discuss the wonderful Pictorial Meadows at the Trentham Estate

Trentham Lake enhanced by a Pictorial Meadow

The blue waters of the lake at Trentham reflected in the Pictorial Meadows

Trentham Estate visitors beguiled by the Pictorial Meadows

Late season colour at Trentham provided by the stunning Pictorial Meadow

The ground was prepared and PM Classic mix was sown by the Pictorial Meadows specialist teams in the spring of 2015 and soon filled the cleared area with an astonishing 7000m² of high impact displays right through until the first frosts.

The feedback from the thousands of visitors to the Estate was nothing short of amazing and attracted very positive PR for Trentham from BBC coverage.

Trentham Estate Sep 15 credit to Carrie Pletscher

Pictorial Meadows sown in the cleared woodland understory credit Carrie Pletscher


Trentham Estate Pictorial Meadow woodland glade

A very natural looking Pictorial Meadow creates a perfect woodland glade!