Council Cleared Sites Programme

Sheffield City Council had over 300 hectares of brownfield sites awaiting housing redevelopment. These sites were magnets for fly-tipping and antisocial behaviour.  The quality of life for residents still living in the areas was low as was the developers' confidence in building there.

This project formed the catalyst for the Pictorial Meadow solution. Taking the ideas and research from Professor Dunnet out into the most demanding and challenging public realm areas existing.

Cleared Sites Meadows BeforeCleared Sites Meadows After


An initial 3-year strategy of transforming wasteland into vast inner city seed sown meadows started in  2004 and has continued to this day spreading from Sheffield to other northern cities.

Local Schools and community groups were increasingly involved in the process of sowing annual seed and very quickly the neighbourhoods were transformed both in appearance and in terms of a marked reduction in antisocial behaviour.

Cleared Sites Meadows Before 2Cleared Sites Meadows After 2

The programme proved to be a catalyst for other local authorities wishing to undertake similar improvement schemes so Pictorial Meadows have now been involved with Bolton and Leeds housing authorities to great effect.

We would love to hear from any other Local Authorities, Councils or Housing Associations that would like our help and expertise to convert derelict sites into beautiful urban meadows.