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Case Study:

Wetland Conservation

South Yorkshire, UK
Services & Products: 
Meadow Project Consultancy
Meadow Installation
Meadow Care and Maintenance

Over the years we’ve done a lot of work to revitalise conservation ponds and wetlands. We have both the trained staff and specialist equipment required for this very important work – in fact we are now virtually semi-aquatic!

One of our latest clients was the charity Froglife for whom we worked to create a thriving matrix of small and diverse watery habitats for our threatened amphibians across South Yorkshire.

As always these sites are sensitive and need a multi-skilled approach, so it was great to be able to offer everything from initial survey and project planning through to provision of plant and personnel to sensitively clear encroaching vegetation, dredge and redistribute the silt and translocate the resulting wetland edge material afterwards.

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