Valdebebas Park, Madrid

Pictorial Meadows have been working very closely with local Landscape Architect Miguel Garcia Ovejero to establish Pictorial Meadows in a new park development in central Madrid. Large areas of the park were prepared for seeding and irrigation systems were laid by the local park's workforce. The first year was used to test the effectiveness of the standard PM annual mixes - which proved to be a big success even in the stressful climatic conditions. In 2016 there will be even more areas of the park given over to Pictorial Meadows in both annual and perennial forms - together with specifically designed 'xeri' mixes which can be used in all geographic areas with a Mediterranean climate.

A range of different treatments including irrigation have helped to refine establishment times and treatment in these zones. The quick flowering annuals created a real impact with park visitors and the whole project has given both PM and the management of the park confidence that by using a combination of the right products with a good understanding of the local environmental conditions it is possible to achieve a viable and stunning Mediterranean meadow.

St Mary's University

Craig Vitulli, St Mary’s Grounds and Gardens Manager, approached Pictorial Meadows to design an area using seed mixes. He had seen the work previously carried out in Richmond Borough Parks with Pictorial Meadows and wanted to bring that look to St Mary’s.

Craig says "We were much inspired to make the changes in the grounds by the work which had been completed in the local authority managed area of Crane Park. Pictorial Meadows were chosen as the contractor as they are a recognised wildflower meadow specialist with a proven track record – in order to ensure we got the finish we were looking for!"

Nottingham Trent University

Highways works outside the University allowed an opportunity to improve the front of Clifton Campus with new environmental works.

Nottingham Trent chose to use PM perennials as part of a sustainable approach to planting which  provides a fantastic flower display in the summer for students, staff and the general public but also enhancing the biodiversity by attracting bees and other pollinators.

The meadows now provide colourful displays in the summer which can be cut back at the end of the summer term and be ready to flower again for the new academic year in Sept. PM were also engaged on a 3 year maintenance programme to ensure that the displays would always look their best.

Alan Horgan, Landscape Services Manager for the University commented:

“Pictorial Meadows have a strong reputation in the delivery of quality wildflower seed mixes to meet client needs. The landscape development for the 2012 Olympics further reinforced this reputation with wildflower mixes that not only added great biodiversity value but also visually enhanced the environment of the park”.

“Following our own site visit to the Olympic Park and as part of our own site developments we felt that Pictorial Meadows were best placed to meet the needs of our own landscape aspirations with it’s range of seed mixes”.

Manor Fields Park

The original brief was to create a district park from abandoned and abused landscape in what had been described as ‘the worst estate in Britain’. Now a Green Flag Site, Manor Fields Park has become PM’s longest test site for seed sown landscapes.

Amongst many differing styles of naturalistic planting the seed sown perennial meadows stretching across the 4 hectares of gateway and play entrance zone of Stonehirst exemplify how stunning, high impact meadows can completely replace much higher maintained herbaceous or formal bedding.

Now in its 12th season the scheme has got better year on year providing flowering from early spring through to very late autumn. The stunning but robust  landscape is picked out by differential mowing and managed by one spring targeted herbicide spray and one autumn cut and collect a year.

Parks in Richmond upon Thames

Pictorial Meadows were commissioned to initially sow annual meadows in various parks throughout the Borough (Richmond and Twickenham) but after three years they decided they wanted more permanent meadows.

We then moved into sowing perennial seed mixes and laying our new PM Turf product to provide beautiful but sustainable features which have proved a big success with visitors to the parks.

‘I’ve just come back from Crane Park and it is looking fab!’, says Yvonne Kelleher, Parks Development Officer.

Portia Baker, Consultant Landscape Architect to the Council reports:

“Pictorial Meadows’ annual meadows were a great success with our parks users and residents, but after sowing them for 3 consecutive years we decided to make the transition to more sustainable perennial meadows at a few key sites. We are currently establishing four of Pictorial Meadows perennial meadows from seed and a further three from their PMTurf. Composed of a mixture of native and non-native species, we hope these will provide colour and interest for many years as well as providing nectar, pollen and seed heads for the wildlife”.

Olympic Park Meadows

Created for the London Olympics in 2012, the Olympic Park is a stunning example of how to create a visually exciting landscape by taking its inspiration from nature.

The displays were designed to peak at the time the games would be attracting visitors from all over the world and then to mature into landscapes which would continue to develop and create the legacy of the Olympic Park for future generations to enjoy.

In all aspects the project has been a huge success and Pictorial Meadows are very proud to have played a part in its creation.

The Olympic Park was created from 250 acres of former industrial land in Stratford, East London as the main centre of attraction for the 2012 Olympic Games.

The project was notable in that it made the Park the first to be developed in the UK for 150 years.

The master plan for the park was developed by a consortium of LDA Design and Hargreaves Associates together with Professors James Hitchmough and Nigel Dunnett.

James and Nigel were appointed as the principal horticultural and planting design consultants and from 2008 have been involved in shaping the striking meadow landscapes which were such a feature of the site.

The concept of using large-scale sown meadows using the same principles that had been used to great effect on the cleared sites in Sheffield was applied to the Olympic Park with great effect.

At the time this was a radical new approach and our Pictorial Meadows high impact mixes were perfect for such an iconic site. Special meadow seed designs were developed for the Park and as Nigel Dunnett said:

“We wanted this to be a demonstration of a whole new approach to the design and management of public landscapes: where ecology and sustainability is at the forefront, combined with a very strong aesthetic.”

Bled Golf Course

Pictorial Meadows were invited to carry out a survey of Bled Golf Course in Slovenia which was undergoing a complete re-design undertaken by a specialist golf course architect. The course is situated in the foothills of the Alps in an area of outstanding natural beauty, much of it untouched by development or cultivation for centuries.

We spent 3 days on site recording existing plant communities and completing detailed surveys of the topography and soil profiles which exist across the landscape. The brief from the owner was to use as many indigenous species, together with complimentary introduced species, in order to create as much colour and interest in the newly developed ‘rough’ areas on the course.

Bled Golf Course

A full design and plant specification for the areas identified during the survey was produced and submitted during winter 2015, including the scope of work to be carried out be our specialist teams in preparing the areas and carrying out all planting and seeding.

We are currently working on golf course projects in Scotland and Poland. If you have similar projects on which you would wish to engage Pictorial Meadows please click below to contact us.