Meadow Consultation

We can provide meadow advice over the phone, online or better still provide a meadow specialist to visit your site and meet you in person, taking the time to understand your requirements and preferred meadow options.
Meadow consultations are perfect if...
You are a professional landscaper or specifier planning a clients meadow
You are a meadow enthusiast planning your first meadow
You are looking for innovative approaches to increase biodiversity
You are looking for a full meadow or naturalistic landscape design

What to expect from a Meadow Consultation

All our Meadow Consultations begin with a conversation. After gaining an overview of your project and ambitions, one of our trained Meadow Specialists will have a conversation with you to understand further details about what you are looking to achieve. 

The next step is usually a site visit. Our Meadow Specialist will be able to gather information, looking specifically at your location including type of soil, drainage, existing vegetation, slopes etc. this will all help to ensure you get the right meadow for your site. They will be able to discuss different options for meadows and then provide you with a full personalised written report which give answers to all your questions with recommendations, designs and images to ensure you make an informed and educated decision on what the “right meadow” option is for you.

Looking for a Meadow Consultation? Get in touch...

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