How to Grow a Container Meadow

Do you want to attract more pollinators and support your local wildlife? Think you don't have room for a meadow? We have the answer for you!

A container meadow can provide much needed food and shelter for pollinators as well as a beautiful little display for you to look at. The best thing about a container meadow is you can have your own wildlife haven on a windowsill, patio, courtyard or front step. If you have room you can even try different mixes in multiple pots for a really varied display. A container could be a traditional flowerpot, an old bath, a chimney pot, even an old tyre - the choice is yours.

What you will need:

  • A container

  • Soil

  • A pictorial meadow seed mix - our gift size packs are perfect for container meadows.

  • A sunny spot for your new meadow


How to Create your Container Meadow:



Wait a little longer and you will be treated to a beautiful display all summer long (please note that containers will need watering in dry weather)

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