Landscape 50 - a 50th Birthday Celebration

In 50 years, and from an initial intake of just 6 students, the Department of Landscape’s population has now soared to over 400 students occupying a lofty space in Sheffield’s iconic Art’s Tower. One of the world’s leading Landscape Architecture schools; Sheffield has achieved significant prominence on the world stage under the leadership and guidance of Professor James Hitchmough. It also provided the birthplace of the Pictorial Meadows movement when, some 20 years ago, Professor Nigel Dunnett developed his ground-breaking methodology for creating cost-effective and beautiful ‘pictorial’ meadows. We are proud that our links and bonds still remain strong on various levels and we are very grateful for the cross fertilisation of ideas and learning from our various projects and research.

As part of their 50th birthday celebrations the department organised a conference in Sheffield City Hall which brought together experts from across the globe to discuss the future of the profession and some of the greatest challenges facing it. Attended by an audience from a range of disciplines and a variety of countries, the event a truly cosmopolitan feel.

We, Pictorial Meadows, were very honoured the next day to have a visit from 3 of the speakers; Teresa Moller, Thomas Rainer and Mohan Rao plus Dr Sally O’Halloran from the University. We are very much looking forward to reinforcing our ties to the University.