Meadows: The Four main differences between seed and turf

Meadows are not always easy to create, they can be time consuming, expensive and don’t always produce what you want. Wait, don’t go! They can also be stunning, wildlife friendly and easy to maintain, but with so many options how do you decide which product to go for? Here we take a look at the difference between our two perennial product ranges; Turf and Seed. They are both brilliant (well we would say that wouldn’t we) but one needs a little less knowledge and a lot less time.

A meadow doesn't have to be huge, a small flower bed or container will do

  1. Ground Preparation

    To grow a perennial meadow from seed you need to clear the ground of all weeds, and spread a sterile mulch over the whole area. Lost already? No need to worry, there is an easier way. PM Turf comes with everything you need to grow a meadow. The best bit? It’s already been prepared for you, all you need to do is have some soil ready to lay it on.

    Beautifully prepared bed - to sow or turf?

    just a few hours later an established meadow is in place using PM Turf!

  2. Sowing

    At a rate of 2g per square metre it can be tricky to calculate just how much seed you need and how to sow it evenly at that rate. PM Turf has already been seeded for you at the ideal rate for the mix.

  3. Time

    We’ve already saved you time with preparing the sterile mulch and sowing the seeds, but what about the time it takes to grow perennials. This is where you really benefit if you buy turf. Perennial plants grown from seed often take over a year to establish, this means even if you succeed in growing your perennial meadow it is unlikely to provide much of a display in the first year. By purchasing a wildflower turf you are buying ready grown and established plants, meaning your meadow will flower and give real impact right away.

    Cutting PM Turf a wildflower turf from Pictorial Meadows

    Cutting PM Turf

  4. Price

    Although more expensive than seed we have done all the hard work for you, taking out the need for mulch, months of weed identification, weeding and waiting. You can be guaranteed success with PM Turf making it excellent value.

    Woodland Edge in a large residential garden

An extra bonus…..we can deliver throughout Europe!

PM Turf is available in 6 varieties and can be delivered within days. Don’t fancy the turf or have the time and confidence to grow from seed then our perennial seed mixes are available in 13 varieties!