New Designer Mixes!

Ever since Professor Nigel Dunnett first 'invented' the concept (and reality!) of Pictorial Meadows over a decade ago we have been striving every year to improve our mixtures to provide even more flower power! Here in Sheffield we experiment with dozens of new designs every year - both annuals and perennials - but only select 3 or 4 to take forward to the next season for more advanced trials.

These trials not only look at the amount of flowers each mix produces - but also the length of flowering as one of the key differentiators with Pictorial as opposed to any other meadow is their sheer tenacity of flowering right up to the first frosts. Equally with some of our mixes we try and create colour 'themes', for example = PASTEL gives very soft 'strawberries and cream' effects, whilst AQUA does what it says on the tin!


For next season we are very excited about some of our new creations - 2017 promises to be a good year for new seed products and we are also hoping to extend our PM Turf range as well. Our bespoke seed and PM turf service has also proved very popular this year - particularly for professionals who wish to introduce certain colourways or specific species to landscape designs.

For our international customers we are also very busy creating some wonderful new mixes for use in hot and dry climates. Our work in Madrid and Greece has allowed us to produce mixes which work in these harsh climates - and which we could easily see being used very effectively in some of the parched areas in southern England - many of which have already adopted a Mediterranean climate!

So watch this space for some new Pictorial Meadow mixes for 2017!