Now's the time to sow your perennial pictorial meadow

September is one of the best month’s to sow one of our beautiful perennial meadow mixes. Now the nights are drawing in and the annual meadows are starting to fade it’s time to start sowing Pictorial Meadows perennial seed mixes for magnificent sustainable displays for years to come. Although they represent more of a cultivation challenge than their annual cousins – they still represent a fantastic method of achieving a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution where flower power and impact are top priorities!

Normally buzzing with pollinators and wildlife the Pictorial Meadows perennial range have all been designed for specific conditions and specific colour preferences – in all our 9 mixes there is surely one for every location and taste? A snapshot of our gorgeous perennial meadows shows the variations and choices that are available:

Woodland Edge

Our top mix for a semi-shaded spot! Under a (not too heavy!) canopy of trees or in the shadow of a building – it looks absolutely stunning from early spring to the height of summer. Beautiful combinations of mauves, blues and whites. Highly recommended!

Treasure Chest

A very robust and richly coloured mixture designed for long flowering on normal fertility soils. Perfect for an open sunny spot where it will attract every pollinator for miles around!

All our perennial meadows are now available as instant PM Turf - instant pre-grown sections of our meadows that take all the ‘risks’ out of the sowing and early stage care process for a perennial meadow. All you need to do with PM Turf is prepare the ground, lay the turf, water and wait a few weeks for the start of an avalanche of flowers which will last all season – and they are stunning!! Even better news is that they get better and better every year!