It’s the very last day of February and time to get your perennial meadow cut and cleared if you haven’t already done so. Leaving your meadow as late in the season is fantastic for all sorts of reasons. It gives more shape to the garden, it reduces weed seed invasion more difficult and of course its great for wildlife but at some point the chop must come!  We are already seeing lots of meadow plants greening up, throwing out their spring foliage  and in many cases showing the first splash of colour as  Primroses, Primulas and Polyanthus appear.

management of a meadow

Cutting back last seasons growth on a perennial meadow.



The spring sowing season for all those beautiful annual flower meadows is almost here! Now’s the time to plan in getting the ground nice and clean in preparation for this. If you have the space consider sowing swathes of seed from mid  March right through to early June so you really extend the flowering season and have waves of successional colour from the same mix appearing from May through to November.


Sowing the Meadow

Sowing the Meadow