Photographic Competition 2016 – Winners Announcement

Even though this year’s photo competition was especially difficult to judge, the winners are chosen. All entries were very unique, creative and demonstrated an exceptional commitment.

The 1st Prize is going to Matt M. in Hants, Hampshire. He created a beautiful meadow landscape with our annual mixes Classic and Candy.

Matt_Mcintosh-Classic_Candy (3)   Matt-Classic_Candy

The 2nd Prize is going to Cinty C. in Farmington, Cheltenham. She is enjoying her ‘PM Classic’ meadows on a beautiful sunny Sunday with her little dog.

Cinty_Carr-Classic (2)   Cinty_Carr-Classic

The 3rd Prize is going to David H. in Carlisle, Cumbria. All elements of the little garden are in perfect harmony. They create a safe haven to enjoy a good book and a cup of tea.


Special thanks are going to the co-stars next to the meadows – children, grandchildren and our four-legged friends. All of them put a smile on our faces. The discipline and patience of all canine stars was outstanding. Well done!

Shauna_Rattigan-Candy (4)   Judith_Smith-Pastel (3)   Judith_Smith-Pastel (1)

Mr-Mrs_Chalk-Cornfield (2)   Moira_Gregg-Perennial (1)   Shauna_Rattigan-Candy (2)