Sheffield State of Nature Report

We are delighted to have been asked to contribute to the Sheffield State of Nature Report. Sue France, CEO of Green Estate and Pictorial Meadows, and Meadow Manager Jack Brodie have conducted significant research into urban meadows, longevity of flowering and pollinator populations. One of the key research areas was identifying what plant species the pollinators visited most frequently and the diversity of pollinators on each plant. This is key to Pictorial Meadows being able to create beautiful meadow mixes which are highly beneficial to pollinators. The full report is available for viewing and download below, our section is on pages 12 and 13 but please read the whole report.

Sheffield State of Nature 2018 report - web version 

The species that showed most popular with pollinators in this research was Origanum laevigatum (oregano).

Origanum laevigatum


This is non-native but was by far and away the most popular for bees, butterflies and moths. It is also long flowering, displays wonderful late season colour and is edible! We're such big fans we've now added it to four of our perennial meadows; Treasure Chest, Patchwork Quilt, Purple Haze and Perfect Storm.

Treasure Chest Perennial Meadow

Cerulean Skies Meadow Seed Mix

Patchwork Quilt Perennial Meadow

Russian Steppe Meadow Seed Mix

Perfect Storm Perennial Meadow

Purple Haze Perennial Meadow


For the full details on the Sheffield State of Nature report you can visit this site