Transformations with Turf

Turf.....not a particularly exciting word. It conjures up images of wet soil and sorry looking grass rolled up outside a hard wear store. Does it have to be like this? We don't think so. Over the last 10 years we have trialled, tested, trialled some more and brought to market a product we are proud to put our name to.

Treasure Chest Meadow Seeds

Treasure Chest

PM Turf makes transforming any area easy as we deliver the product pre-grown and ready to be laid just like its grassy counterpart. But what is PM Turf?

It's a mat of pre-grown meadow plantlets

Available as 5 perennial varieties

It creates a beautiful Pictorial Meadow within weeks, attracting a wide range of wildlife

Top secret technology goes into growing the PM Turf but we can tell you, we put down a biodegradable mat on which we sow one of our famous Perennial seed mixes. We sow the fields in Spring to ensure all the species have time to develop and grow before we harvest the turf. Unlike its grassy sister, PM Turf is harvested to order ensuring it arrives on site in lush, well irrigated condition.

You can 'install' PM Turf yourself or have our expert meadowologists come and ensure the site is prepared correctly and the meadow turf laid perfectly.

Why use PM Turf?

Its easy

It requires less knowledge and attention whilst establishing

High impact floral display

We have grown the plants for you meaning you don't have to wait for the perennials to germinate and take hold which can sometimes take two years to gain full effect.

Although you can purchase PM Turf all year round we strongly advise planning to lay it in Autumn or Spring. Autumn is the absolute best as the damper weather means less watering for you and the plants can get comfortable in their new home before the warmer drier weather, and before they put all their effort into flowering. If you want a stunning floral display, which requires just small amounts of maintenance each year and attracts lots of wildlife then PM Turf may just be the thing for you.

In 2017/18 PM Turf is available in 5 mixes; Treasure Chest, Woodland Edge, Patchwork Quilt, Golden Summer and Purple Haze.