Why Choose Pictorial Meadows Seeds and Turf?

There are lots of reasons to choose Pictorial Meadows seeds and turf, we’ve popped a few of them below….

Research Led

PM products are the result of over 20 years research by the leading exponents of naturalistic and meadow design and planting. Working alongside the renowned University of Sheffield academics, PM have developed and created unique and very special mixtures of both native and non-native species in their market-leading products. Showcased at the London Olympic site in 2012, the sheer flower-power and length of display of the Pictorial Meadows were an instant success and are now the product of choice by many Local Authorities, commercial organisations and gardeners across the country - and increasingly into Europe. This very successful track-record of high-profile meadow establishment continues with our work at both Trentham Gardens and the BskyB Campus along with many other locations - both public and private across the country.

Higher Quality

We are very proud of our quality procedures and have instigated our own systems which are highly effective and provide another level of confidence for anyone buying our products. All our meadow mixes (both seed and PM Turf) have to pass both our rigorous trial processes and our control procedures before we deliver to any customer. We are very proud of our brand and know that only by selling the very best products with an exemplary customer service experience can we continue to remain as the market-leader.

A Better Display

We know our market well and are aware that our competitors do not apply the same criteria or expertise in the composition of their seed mixes or turf products. Their ‘wildflower’ mixtures are simply cheap and random selections of native-only species. This leads to a very limited flowering display and an over-profusion of grasses which dominate the meadow by the end of August. In the second and subsequent years these mixes tend to be disproportionately swamped by grass and few flowers will survive in that regime. They look simply awful and unkempt and un-cared for. We deliberately do not include grass (apart for some fine ornamental varieties in some mixes) for these reasons.

Unique Species

PM meadow mixes are very carefully constructed with some highly unusual but very successful (robust and visual) species which are expensive and difficult to source - but provide an utterly unique product. As proven by extensive RHS trials, the longevity and exuberance of the flowering display of PM meadows makes them extremely important as sanctuaries and food sources for many species of endangered native wildlife – especially pollinators. The fact that PM products flower for such a long time and consist of large numbers of pollinator-friendly plants easily puts them ahead of any rival products in the category of ‘wildlife friendly’Cheaper grass/native wildflower mixes often have a large proportion of annual/biennial species which will simply disappear in the second and third years. More importantly, the lack of horticultural expertise in the production process means that the few perennial species included have not been selected for survivability on high nutrient soils and again will fail to survive in this environment. All PM perennial products are exactly that – a fully sustainable meadow that will evolve over the years to produce a dynamic and stunning display - and which are fine-tuned to grow and thrive on any normal to high fertility ground.

Flexible and Responsive.

We have an extensive range of ‘off the shelf’ products available and ready for sale year round. However we also offer customers the opportunity for bespoke solutions to be supplied for certain projects where our standard offering is not quite the fit they want. We have designed and created meadow mixes for particular environmental conditions (we work extensively in Southern Europe with Xeriscape mixes for example) or specified colourways. We also respond to changing client needs and can adapt the look of meadows by carrying out specialist tasks such as the addition of flowering bulbs to extend the season and provide added interest. We can also amend the flowering times and the look of the meadow by selective cutting regimes where impact is required for events or important times of the year.

Support and Back-Up.

PM prides itself on providing as much support and back-up that a particular project or individual requires to both establish and maintain their meadows. As well as selling our world-leading seed mixes and PM Turf products we can provide full consultancy services and a maintenance service from our own specialist teams. A meadow is a product that will require specialist inputs and interventions to keep it looking its best and we do not hide this from our customers. This is particularly true if you are specifying a product other than seed alone – a combination of methods such as using a turf, plants and bulbs really needs an experienced company to both deliver and maintain it. To do it any other way could result in a costly failure.