Seed vs Turf: What's the difference?

Meadows are not always easy to create, they can be time-consuming and potentially costly, but when done right they are stunning, wildlife-friendly and easy to maintain. With so many options how do you decide which product to go for? Here we take a look at the difference between our two perennial product ranges; Pictorial Turf and Seed. Both can offer outstanding results, but one needs a little less knowledge and a lot less time.

1. Ground Preparation

To grow a perennial meadow from seed you need to clear the ground of all weeds, and spread a sterile mulch over the whole area. This preparation is critical to the success of a seed sown perennial meadow, but there is an easier way. Pictorial Turf comes with everything you need to grow a meadow. It’s already been prepared for you, all you need to do is have some soil ready to lay it on.

2. Sowing

Pictorial Perennial seed needs to be sown at a rate of 2g per square metre. Perfect distribution of the seed at the correct rate across the entire site of the meadow will produce the best results but this consistency can sometimes be challenging to achieve. With Pictorial Turf, the sowing has already been completed for you at the ideal rate for the mix.

3. Time

With Pictorial Turf you have already saved on the time needed to prepare the sterile mulch and sow the seeds, but what about the time it takes to grow perennials? Perennial plants that are grown from seed often take over a year to establish, this means even the most successful perennial meadow it is unlikely to provide much of a display in the first year. By choosing Pictorial Turf you will receive ready grown and established plants, resulting in a meadow that will flower and give real impact right away.

4. Cost

Although more expensive than seed, with Pictorial Turf we have done all the hard work for you, taking out the need for mulch, months of weed identification, weeding and waiting. The simplicity and reliability of Pictorial Turf make is excellent value, particular in prestigious or highly visible locations when a year long establishment period (as with Perennial Seeds) would not be appropriate.

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