Supporting Pollinators with a Pictorial Meadow

The uplifting site of wildflower meadows in bloom is certainly one to behold, but a Pictorial Meadow is particularly spectacular, colourful and long-lasting. That's because beautiful species from around the world are combined in creative ways with more familiar native species in its seed mixes and Pictorial Turf. It’s this clever combination that also helps protect endangered British wildlife such as bees, butterflies, hoverflies and many other insects.

Over the last almost 20 years, Pictorial Meadows has done a lot of research into pollinators and how it can develop and build meadow mixes to best support biodiversity around the UK. The key to healthy pollinators, it found, is to have abundant and varied flower forms with high pollen and nectar content availability for as long a period as possible, which a mixture of native and non-native species provides.

The flowering period of many British native species can last just a few weeks each year. Before that period starts and after it ends, non-native species really come into their own, offering continued resources for pollinators and other wildlife.

Non-native species are sourced from around the world by Pictorial Meadows’ intrepid plant hunters. Before they are used in the meadow mixes they go through a careful and methodical review programme to ensure they’re non invasive and will bring multiple benefits to both people and wildlife.

This careful creation of seed mixes has resulted in a completely unique perennial product – a fully sustainable meadow that will evolve over the years to produce a dynamic and stunning display that’s beneficial to both you and local wildlife. So, if you’re passionate about wildflower meadows and wildlife, you’ll love Pictorial Meadows.

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