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For over 15 years, Pictorial Meadows has been at the forefront of the development of urban meadows. Our work has seen us partner with Local Authorities, Universities, Botanical Gardens, Visitor Attractions, and hundreds of landscape specifiers and professionals. 

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The Lansdowne Estate is a city centre housing estate home to almost 600 households. The tenants and residents of the estate approached Pictorial Meadows looking to introduce meadows to the area, having taken responsibility for an area of outdoor space from the local council. The quickness and ease of a seed-sown annual meadow made it the perfect choice.

Lansdowne Estate Meadow

Housing Developments
Constructed on the site of a former car park in west London, Sky UK’s prestigious new 5 hectare campus boasts state of the art office space, TV studios, production facilities, research and development zones, health centre and cafes. The site is now the centre of operations for the Sky organisation in the UK and is surrounded by a landscape that is intended to bring a sense of joy to people’s lives – where staff can relax and socialise in a beautiful environment which is also a rich habitat for wildlife.

BskyB Campus - London

Offices & Workplaces
Pictorial Meadows have been working very closely with local Landscape Architect Miguel Garcia Ovejero to establish Pictorial Meadows in a new park development in central Madrid. Large areas of the park were prepared for seeding and irrigation systems were laid by the local park's workforce. The first year was used to test the effectiveness of the standard PM annual mixes - which proved to be a big success even in the stressful climatic conditions. The plans now are for even more areas of the park given over to Pictorial Meadows in both annual and perennial forms - together with specifically designed 'xeri' mixes which can be used in all geographic areas with a Mediterranean climate.
This beautiful private home is also a place which extends a generous welcome to children with disabilities. It also supports charities through participation in the National Garden Scheme. The owner so much enjoyed the Olympic Park meadows that the brief via his Landscape Architect had been ‘a piece of the Olympic Park that we can see from our bedroom'.


Private Gardens
Craig Vitulli, St Mary’s Grounds and Gardens Manager, approached Pictorial Meadows to design an area using seed mixes. He had seen the work previously carried out in Richmond Borough Parks with Pictorial Meadows and wanted to bring that look to St Mary’s.

St Mary's University

Schools & Universities
Enterprise Rent-A-Car has chosen to launch a national ecological initiative to commemorate 20 years of business in the UK using Pictorial Meadows expertise and products to create sustainable and beautiful roundabout designs that will last long into the future.

Enterprise Environmental Project

Road Verges & Highways

For the third year in a row the Rotherham ‘River of Flowers’ caused a stir. The annual mixes were sown along 8 miles of verges and roundabouts throughout Rotherham.

Rotherham Council have received a Green Apple award for Environmental Best Practice as well as over 250 compliments for the scheme.

Rotherham Borough Council

Local AuthoritiesRoad Verges & Highways
Pictorial Meadows are the perfect solution for domestic gardeners seeking a naturalistic look but without the heartache normally associated with trying to establish a traditional meadow. The seed mixes and PMTurf are optimised for growing on any average garden soils and requiring nothing more than a clean, weed-free seedbed in order to establish themselves.
Pictorial Meadows were commissioned in 2014 to carry out extensive ground preparation and sowing of annual Pictorial Meadows seed mixes for roadsides and central reservations. This work included 5,000 square meters using Pictorial Meadows ‘Classic’. The response from residents and visitors was extremely positive.

Hartlepool Borough Council

Local AuthoritiesRoad Verges & Highways

Highways works outside the University allowed an opportunity to improve the front of Clifton Campus with new environmental works.

Nottingham Trent chose to use PM perennials as part of a sustainable approach to planting which  provides a fantastic flower display in the summer for students, staff and the general public but also enhancing the biodiversity by attracting bees and other pollinators.

Nottingham Trent University

Schools & Universities
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