Pictorial Meadow Seed Mixes

Pictorial Meadow Seed Mixes have been developed over the past 20 years to offer unrivalled colour, structure, and changing interest over a long season. Explore the range below...
Candy Meadow Gift Packet

Annual Meadow Seed Mixes

Pictorial Annuals allow you to choose from 13 beautifully designed mixes. Each is easy to establish, very reliable and thrives in all sorts of soil conditions – as long as its weed-free to start with and preferably in an open sunny spot. 

Expect constantly changing colour combinations from late spring through to early autumn as more and more flowers emerge. We design Pictorial Annual mixes to create incredible impressionistic visual impacts whilst being a magnet for all sorts of pollinators.
Treasure Chest Meadow PM Turf

Perennial Meadow Seed Mixes

Pictorial Perennials are available in 9 beautifully designed seed mixes. With a little more effort needed for the initial establishment than annuals, these meadows create truly unique and long-lived displays. 

Exactly how your meadow will look over time will depend on location and the effort and expertise you put into establishing and managing it. Every seed sown perennial meadow is unique. 

With the minimal input of effort, you can expect wild grasses and plants to infringe and the look will become increasingly more like a flower-rich country verge side. Where you want to take on a more direct approach, really nurturing the first-year establishment and keeping weeds to a minimum, then expect a style that looks more like an informal herbaceous border.