Pictorial Meadows is delighted to offer 3 fantastic new perennial and 2 lovely annual meadow mixes – all designed for the hotter drier landscapes of Southern Europe.

The philosophy behind Pictorial Meadows perennials has been to create largely self-sustaining flower rich ‘meadow-like’ landscapes-predominantly from seed – which look good for the greater part of the year.

All of our perennial meadow mixes have undergone significant changes year on year and by continually going back to monitor them, making minor adjustments and by carrying out all manner of trials on establishment and management we have come to a much better understanding of how each one performs in differing circumstances and over time. No scheme of course is management free, every meadow needs weed control, at least one annual cut and collect per year and, regardless of the starting point, no two meadows ever remain identical.

Plants also perform very differently in different climatic areas. In 2012 we started to look at how we could replicate the PM approach particularly in hotter drier environments – guided by the pioneering work of the University of Sheffield, its alumni and PhD students, and of course Professor James Hitchmough whose inspirational planting designs at the Olympic Park showed the world a whole new approach to meadows. All of this considerable knowledge has helped to inform our 3 years of trial work in Southern Europe.