PM Turf has been developed to give customers all the benefits of our beautiful perennial seed mixtures in a product that is quick and easy to establish. Our wildflower turf consists of 100% meadow plantlets growing in a special substrate which ensure complete consistency. We do not use grass in our mixes as this can quickly out-compete the perennial floral species.


Pricing varies depending on the quantity of wildflower turf required and the shipping costs.
To order, we require the size of the area you wish to cover (or the quantity of PM Turf you require), the variety of wildflower meadow turf you prefer, your delivery address and a contact telephone number or email. We will take a deposit of 30% of the order price in order to book your PM turf with the balance payable on delivery.

For a quote or to place your order call our sales line on 0114 267 7635 or email


PM Turf can be delivered anywhere in the UK and is sent freshly harvested from the field in flat sections approximately 1.2m x 0.6 m. Your wildflower turf will arrive on a pallet and can be easily lifted off the pallets and laid by two people. We will always aim to match customers’ needs when planning deliveries and ensure that we keep you informed at all times of any updates.

Delivery charges are calculated according to the delivery address and are added to the final invoice.