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Bluebird Foldable Shopping Bag & Annual Seed Gift Set

A eco-friendly foldable shopping bag with a quirky bluebird design.


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This set includes one Bluebird foldable shopping bag one 6g annual seed mix, the perfect reusable Eco-friendly gift.

This bag has a bluebird perched on a tree with pink flowers, it folds into the body of the bird making it great for travel. A drawstring attachment makes it super easy to close and open.

Choose from 9 different seed mixes, all designed by our Meadow Specialists to be high impact, bold, and attract wildlife.

Pictorial Annual meadows are quick and easy to grow, super vibrant, and perfect for any skill level.

In the spring (April is the best month) scatter the seeds onto a sunny spot on weed-free soil. Aim to cover approximately 2 square meters per 6g packet.
Firm the seeds into the soil and leave undisturbed, that’s it!

Bag information
Dimensions: L38 x W54 cm
Material: Polyester, Pouch, Microfiber

This gift set includes a packet of Pictorial Meadows annual seed mix. Choose yours from the selection below:
Growing Instructions
Packet Size: 6g

Type: Annual

Sowing rate: 3g per sq m

Sowing time: Spring

Location: Sunny outside spot on weed free soil

We do not recommend mixing different annual mixes together as the results are unpredictable.
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