El Dorado Mediterranean see mix
El Dorado MeadowEl Dorado Meadow Seed MixEl Dorado Mediterranean see mix

El Dorado

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The El Dorado Southern European meadow seed mix is specially created for the hotter drier climates found in the region. An exuberant, warm colour-themed meadow for normal fertility soils. A perennial seed mix, this will create a stunning meadow which will come back year after year. 
This mix is stunning, providing a colourful floral display right through summer.  El Dorado is dominated by yellows and golds but these are softened with whites and cream.  Hints of orange and flashes of purple give subtle contrast. Whilst it’s not very fussy about soil types it does prefer free draining sunny locations. The open, single varieties found in the mix are ideal for pollinators.
Although developed for warmer climates you may need to water regularly, and we advise installing an irrigation system. This will be dependant on your local weather and ground conditions.


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