Magic Carpet Perennial Meadow Seeds
magic carpet meadow seedMagic Carpet Meadow SeedsMagic Carpet Perennial Meadow

Magic Carpet

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A very reliable and easy to establish ‘hybrid’ mix which blends together colourful meadow annuals, biennials and perennials. It will grow happily in just about any soil type but like most meadow schemes prefers an open sunny site. As different flowers emerge in succession you are treated to a constantly changing display from one season to another from just the one sowing. Some of the perennial plants are very long lived and can become permanently established but its best to treat this mix as a great solution for around 3 years giving lovely colour from Year 1. Particularly suitable for temporary landscapes and ones where quick results and a lot less investment into establishment is really important.

Recommended sowing time: Spring.

Recommended sowing rate: 2g per square metre.


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