Monet – Annual Meadow

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Monet is a pure annual seed mix which has been adapted for xeriscape landscapes from our original and very reliable Classic Mix.

Rich in dainty whites, blues, pinks and reds with a little orange thrown in for fun, Monet makes stunning impressionistic landscapes full of subtle and shimmering colours – which constantly change as the season develops. Monet works well in all sorts of ground conditions – both in bold vistas as well as intimate and tiny pockets.


The images show Monet mix in Valdebebas Park in central Madrid where Pictorial Meadows sow large areas with a mixture of both annuals and perennial seed mixes. You can see the succession of colours and forms that the mix evolves into during its flowering period.

Recommended sowing time: Spring.

Recommended sowing rate: 3g per square meter.

Tip: Irrigate in the summer.


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