Mount Olympus Mediterranean meadow mix
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Mount Olympus

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This is a meadow on a big, bold scale, capable of creating real impact over large areas. A very global meadow in that whilst it contains many European species it has been teemed with species from South Africa and North America.


Designed to throw up taller flowering spikes and florets as the season progresses, giving it the ability to outgrow and disguise any invading annual weeds. Over time different species will find perfect niches where they thrive, so expect quite a changing dynamic form and colour as plants grow and adapt. The mix contains a small percentage of annuals which not only provide colour and interest during the establishment year but also help to provide a beneficial micro-climate that encourages the slower more water hungry perennials to emerge. Over time the annuals will die away although some will self seed, especially around the edges.


Whilst there is plenty of early season interest, the greater focus is on late season colour and form. This meadow creates quite a dramatically different landscape more reminiscent of something you would find in a gravel garden or in a relaxed herbaceous border. Good in poor soils, banks and also great for expansive areas where some cross colonisation from the wild is acceptable and desirable.


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