Native Meadow Seed Mix
Native-Meadow-cleared-sitesNative-with-Silene-1Native Meadow Seed Mix

Native Meadow

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There are times and places where the use of non native species and cultivars, however beneficial to pollinators, are not appropriate. For this reason we offer this more traditional and subtle meadow designed using just dependable British native wildflowers. It is still a composition designed to delight and show the world how beautiful our British Meadows can be. A long flowering mix but with the predominant display from  June to August . There is no grass in this mix and it will succeed in a wide variety of soil conditions. Unless local provenance is specified it is suitable for most conservation sites or projects which have specified native only plant species.

Recommended sowing time: Autumn Рall year.

Recommended sowing rate: 2g per square metre.


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