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Botanical Skyline

The premium meadow solution for all green roofs, Botanical Skyline also works wonderfully for really low fertility landscapes, including seaside areas and road verges. This species-rich meadow includes a vast range of drought and salt-tolerant plants including sedums, with some fine very ornamental grasses and a plethora of lovely plants most often associated with alpine meadows southern European hillsides and rock gardens. In unusually harsh environments such as green roofs, no annual cut and collects are required. Still, at ground level on low fertility soils then an annual cut will help to control any weed and woody plant intrusion.

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Botanical Skyline Description

The premium solution for all green roofs. An especially species rich mix that slowly but surely colonises roof tops with minimum fuss and maximum impact. The mix includes a great range of very drought resistant sedums along with some fine very ornamental grasses and a plethora of lovely plants most often associated with alpine meadows and rock gardens. The sedums and alpines boast a large flower to leaf ratio and offer amazing roof top restaurants for pollinators especially in places where there may be so little else available when commuting on the wing.


Botanical Skyline includes:

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Sample Species

Cushion Spurge ¦ Euphorbia polychroma, Yarrow ¦ Achillea millefolium

4 Steps to Creating a Meadow with PMTurf...

Select the PMTurf variety most suited to your project. Our turf is grown from the exact same mixes as our PM seed range.  
Good ground preparation will give the best start for a successful meadow. PMTurf needs to be laid onto clear soil, free of grasses and weeds.
PMTurf is laid just like a grass turf, and dependent on the time of year could come into flower within weeks.
As PMTurf is densely populated with established plantlets (around 150 per m²), weed growth is suppressed. The meadow will need just one maintenance ‘cut and collect’ a year.

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