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Woodland Fringe

An absolute joy in terms of impact and colour especially throughout spring and summer, Woodland Fringe is one of our longest flowering mixes. Perfect for those areas in the landscape that have light dappled shade but also lovely along hedge lines and banks.

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Woodland Fringe Description

We designed Woodland Fringe for areas that have light dappled shade such as under young trees or around the outer edges of mature trees and hedgerows. This meadow provides a good solution for bringing a meadow to North facing walls and buildings where there is less strong sunlight. As with all woodland flora, the best flowers appear from early spring through to early summer, but you can achieve repeat-flowering by giving the meadow a midsummer cut. Colours tend towards the pinks, reds, purples and whites. As this meadow matures, it will continue to surprise as varied and exciting ground cover, and tall emergent species come to the fore.

Woodland Fringe includes:

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Sample Species

Agrimony ¦ Agrimonia eupatoria, Dames Violet ¦ Hesperis matronalis, Foxglove ¦ Digitalis purpurea, Scarlet Avens ¦ Geum chiloense

4 Steps to Creating a Meadow with PMTurf...

Select the PMTurf variety most suited to your project. Our turf is grown from the exact same mixes as our PM seed range.  
Good ground preparation will give the best start for a successful meadow. PMTurf needs to be laid onto clear soil, free of grasses and weeds.
PMTurf is laid just like a grass turf, and dependent on the time of year could come into flower within weeks.
As PMTurf is densely populated with established plantlets (around 150 per m²), weed growth is suppressed. The meadow will need just one maintenance ‘cut and collect’ a year.

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