Pollinator Lawn Meadow Seed Mix
Pollinator-Lawn-May-2015-15Spring Pollinator Lawn Meadow Seed MixPollinator Lawn Meadow Mix in May

Pollinator Lawn

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A beautiful jewel-like low growing meadow mix that will happily cope with light pedestrian use. Very long flowering but especially rich in spring pollen and nectar supply – providing a very important food source for bees and other pollinators. The lawn will stay green throughout the winter and over time it will develop a distinctive softly mounded appearance. It is designed to be maintained between 10 and 30cm in height which can be easily achieved with 3 or 4 light cuts a year. Pollinator lawn also makes a delightful feature either side of hard or grassed paths as well as a gentle and interesting transition between a path and taller meadow plantings.

Recommended sowing time: Spring.

Recommended sowing rate: 2g per square metre.


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