Purple Haze – Aquilegas flowering May 2015 (8)
Purple-Haze-SML-July-2016-6Purple-Haze-2nd-yr-from-seed-Manor-OakPurple Haze Meadow Seed Mix

PM Turf – Purple Haze

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Using a wildflower meadow turf is the easiest and quickest way to establish a floral meadow. Our meadows are designed to flower all summer long and provide lots for nectar for pollinators. A cool and elegant colour themed meadow for normal fertility soils. Purple Haze thrives in a wide range of soil conditions and will also happily tolerate moist and even lightly shady locations. This meadow is predominantly white,  with spikes and billows of mauve and blue and flashes of pink and purple for contrast. Our Purple Haze meadow turf develops a very naturalistic look and if left uncut provides great late season seed heads for birds. It also responds really well to a late June mid season cut which results is beautiful fresh flowering impact right up until first frosts.

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PM Turf – Purple Haze is also available as a Seed Mix!


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