Our annual meadow mixes are a simple way to achieve breath-taking displays of flowers. Designed to be sown in average garden soil, flowers will quickly develop. The annual seed mixes show ‘waves’ of colour right up to the first frost. Pictorial meadows provide a rich nectar source for pollinators and attract a wide range of insects.

Our meadow seeds can be used in virtually every garden and landscape situation. From planters and borders to large scale urban or rural projects an annual meadow provides a high-impact display. Annual mixes are often used by Local Authorities and larger landowners as an effective antidote to large expanses of grass.

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‘How to’ guides

For instructions on how you can achieve a wonderful annual Pictorial Meadow from seed, visit our How to guides page for useful downloads and inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to help over the phone, by email or even via a site visit but you can find a lot of the most frequently asked questions here: ANNUAL FAQ’s