Design and Consultation

We offer a range of meadow design and consultancy services to help to meet all of your needs.

Whether you are looking for just one or two single species to over-sow onto your conservation meadow or a complex knockout new design for a Landmark Building we can work independently or alongside other designers to produce the best solution working within your budget.
Jonathan on a consultation
Jonathan measuring new meadow beds
For existing sites, an initial on-site consultation service can save a lot of time and money in the long run. Our basic survey combines a site analysis and thorough review of all the options with one of our experienced Landscape Architects together with a specialist horticulturalist. 

This will enable us to fully understand your requirements, timescales and site conditions in order that we can then give you a professional recommendation based on your budget. 

It will hopefully also pave the way for us to develop a longer term relationship where we can ensure that your new landscape meets your and our expectations, and we can suggest on-going improvements for future seasons.

For new landscape and infrastructure schemes we can work with you to develop the designs, specifications and maintenance schedules for unique new naturalistic landscapes. This can include the design, supply and pre-testing, if needed, of bespoke meadow seed mixes as well as bespoke pre-grown Pictorial Meadow turf. 

Our expert team can provide a full service or provide advice and recommend the right products for your project.
Garden Meadow Design
A garden meadows design
With new design ideas constantly emerging we can recommend and supply if necessary combination designs that ‘stitch together’ pot grown herbaceous plants, bulbs and coppiced shrubs to give truly magical features.

If you are thinking of adding a meadow to your design, please get in touch with our meadow experts. We would be very happy to help via pictures and email or via an on site visit.