All Meadows, whatever the style and however they were created need a few essential annual maintenance procedures to keep them thriving.

Meadows continually change and evolve in their own very unique way.  By using our Meadow Care Service we can monitor,  report and respond to  these changes. The expert team  will ensure that whilst natural and beneficial activities such as the spread of desirable seedlings takes place that unwanted species such as rank grasses, coarse  and invasive  weeds and woody material is checked through  timely and sensitive annual management.

Once we have established meadows for our clients we always offer an on-going care service where we will conduct scheduled service visits where an extensive weed survey is conducted together with a review of the health of the meadow. We are then able to carry out weed removal programmes, apply fertilisers if required and ta the appropriate time carry out regular cut and collect of the meadow.

We want you to love meadows as much as we do, so ensuring that the very necessary aftercare is carried out is really important to us.

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How To - Weeding