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Planing  o .NowNow is the time to start autumn sowing of Perennial Meadows.  If you sow now you can expect to see growth starting next spring.   Pictorial Meadows perennials mixes are the result of many years of tests and trials to guarantee you excellent results. Order now !

Welcome to Pictorial Meadows

Pictorial Meadows offers a fresh approach to meadows that combined ecology, design and a rigorous approach to quality. The results are beautiful, very long flowering, impressionistic meadows all from seed.

Offered as either annual or perennial meadows the mixtures contain carefully blended seed from native and non native species. Unlike traditional wildflower meadows they contain no grass and provide outstanding visual interest over an extremely long flowering period (late spring to late autumn)

What you need to do is to decide what mixes are right for you. Annual flower meadows provide the easiest, most colourful and reliable of displays. Suitable to use for all areas from planters and front gardens to field scale planting they offer instant impact and a definite wow factor. Perennial flower meadows are more sustainable in the long term and offer exciting new design possibilities but need much more careful preparation and attention through to the end of the first year. 

Whatever you choose you will also know that we are here at the end of the phone or email to work with you to help you achieve your dream landscape 


04 Sep 2014

New Guide to Perennial Meadows

Autumn is the best time to sow perennial meadows. And if you are contemplating this task you will find our new FREE 'Guide to Perennials meadows' invaluable.

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02 Aug 2014

It's time to enter our Photo Competition

Take a photo (or photos) to show how you have used Pictorial Meadows seeds this year and send them to us either by email or by post. You could win a Cash prize and very entrant gets a 10% Discount voucher of their next seasons order.

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28 Jul 2014

Crawley Council commemorate WW1 with Pictorial Meadows - 28 July

We thought we would share with you a recent email we recieved from Crawley Council ... "Hi Here are a couple of photos showing "The Heroes Walk" a meadow of wildflowers and poppies sown with Standard Classic Mix with pure Flanders Field Annual Poppies mixed in. The flowers border the main pathway in the Memorial Gardens in the town centre of Crawley. The image boards standing amongst the flowers show Crawley during the 1914-18 years together with some of the town's people from that era (some of whose names can be found on the Memorial Gates to the park having lost their lives in the war). The Heroes Walk was sown by some 200 volunteers on a community action day in April and we (the council) have succession sown to extend the flowering period. Together with The Heroes Walk, wildflower and poppy meadows were sown by residents and community groups in each of the 13 neighbourhoods of Crawley as a floral tribute to mark the centenary of World War I. I hope you like The Heroes Walk as much as we do." Best wishes Ruth Ruth Growney Let's FACE it! Coordinator Crawley Borough Council, Town Hall

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Domestic Users

Nows the time to start thinking about planning a meadow for the 2015 season.  If you order your seeds early you may beat any possible new year price increase.  Just make sure you keep the seeds in a cool and dry place.

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Annual Mixes

Annual Mixes

Producing spectacular results where ever used, Pictorial Meadows Annual mixes are the nearest thing to an 'instant meadow' you will find.

See our new mixes successfully featured on the Olympic Park