Embrace the benefits of autumn planting for your perennial pictorial meadow

Published at Aug 16, 2023

In this article, our Lead Landscape Manager Tom shares the benefits of sowing perennial flower meadows in autumn.

As the vibrant colours of summer are starting to give way to the crisp and golden hues of autumn, now is a great time to plant a perennial flower meadow.

Planting your perennial flower meadow in autumn offers a range of benefits that supports the creation of a resilient and stunning flower meadow that you can enjoy next year.

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Five reasons to plant your perennial flower meadow this autumn:

1. Soil temperature: Many flower seeds benefit from cooler soil temperatures because they encourage germination.

2. Moisture availability: Autumn typically brings increased rainfall which creates a favourable environment for seed germination. The moisture from autumn rains helps soften the seed coat and triggers the germination process.

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3. Reduced competition: Autumn marks the end of the growing season for most plants, including weeds. This reduction in competition for resources like sunlight, water and nutrients enables the flowers to establish themselves more successfully.

4. Establishment of strong roots: By planting in autumn, perennial flowers have ample time to establish strong roots before the winter frost arrives. This established root system will give them a head start on growth in spring.

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5. Weed suppression: By getting established early, the sown flowers form a continuous cover of vegetation quicker which helps to prevent weed establishment.

With its cooler temperatures, ample moisture and reduced competition, autumn planting sets the stage for a thriving and beautiful flower meadow come next year.

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