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A Pictorial Meadow is different to other meadows. We've spent over 20 years researching and rigourously testing our meadows to bring you more colour, a longer flowering season, and better support for biodiversity.

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Designer meadows from seed and turf

Our Products

Annual Meadow Seeds

A simple way to achieve breath-taking displays of flowers.
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Super-Pollinator Perennial Meadow

Perennial Meadow Seeds

A  high impact floral display that develops over a number of years
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Woodland Edge Perennial Meadow

Pictorial Meadows' Turf

The easiest way to achieve a perennial meadow that will bring colour for years.
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Green Roof Standard Skyline Meadow

Green Roof Meadows

An eco-friendly roofing option from seed, loved by wildlife
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Monet Mediterranean Annual Meadow

Mediterranean Meadow Seeds

Meadows specifically developed for the warmer climes of the Mediterranean region
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Annual Meadows

Professional Meadow Services

From consultation and design to installation and training, we offer a broad range of professional services.
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Sowing Beauty by James Hitchmough

Gifts and Accessories

Perfects meadow gifts for yourself or others.
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Our Latest Projects

April 1, 2019
BskyB Campus – London

Constructed on the site of a former car park in west London, Sky UK’s prestigious new 5 hectare campus boasts state of the art office space, TV studios, production facilities, research and development zones, health centre and cafes. The site is now the centre of operations for the Sky organisation in the UK and is […]

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January 15, 2019
Valdebebas Park, Madrid

Pictorial Meadows have been working very closely with local Landscape Architect Miguel Garcia Ovejero to establish Pictorial Meadows in a new park development in central Madrid. Large areas of the park were prepared for seeding and irrigation systems were laid by the local park’s workforce.

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January 15, 2019
The Trentham Estate

As an iconic Capability Brown landscape, The Trentham Estate brought in Professor Nigel Dunnett to carry out design and consultation works ahead of the planned year of celebrations in 2016 to celebrate Brown’s tercentenary. These works identified clearing large areas of woodland and diseased Rhododendrons to put in new contemporary planting.

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January 15, 2019

This beautiful private home is also a place which extends a generous welcome to children with disabilities. It also supports charities through participation in the National Garden Scheme. The owner so much enjoyed the Olympic Park meadows that the brief via his Landscape Architect had been ‘a piece of the Olympic Park that we can see from our bedroom’.

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December 29, 2018
St Mary’s University

“Pictorial Meadows were chosen as the contractor as they are ‘ a recognised wildflower meadow specialist with a proven track record – in order to ensure we got the finish we were looking for!”

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December 29, 2018
Enterprise Environmental Project

Working in partnership with seven forward-thinking local authorities in Woking, Swindon, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and Glasgow, Enterprise and Pictorial Meadows have transformed roundabouts across the country into natural wildflower gardens, promoting local bio-diversity.

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Monday inspiration

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Pictorial Meadows
Pictorial Meadows3 days ago
The marvellous Magic Carpet mix is an easy to establish 'hybrid' mix which comprises of a range of enchanting meadow annuals, biennials and perennials, each specially selected to make this meadow feel magical.

Latest News

July 1, 2019
Meadows in the City: A Modern Meadows Masterclass

The Pictorial Meadows Masterclasses have run annually for that last decade and brought together some of the most knowledgable and interesting speakers on the subject of meadows and naturalistic planting. The Masterclass returns for 2019 with a series of talks focussed on how meadows and naturalistic planting can be implemented by Local Authorities and Housing Landlords to realise a range of benefits to people, place, and pollinators. 

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May 21, 2019
Sowing Britain’s Longest Meadow

As the sun begins to drop below the horizon, the team from Pictorial Meadows are just starting out, checking plans and unloading their convoy of trailers. Across a busy four nights, this team will transform the central reservation of a busy dual-carriageway into Britain’s longest urban meadow, extending for over 8 miles through Rotherham, and […]

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March 2, 2019
Stunning Pictorial Meadows come to Solihull

Over the past 20 years, Pictorial Meadows have supplied stunning meadows for landscaping projects across the UK and Europe. We are now pleased to announce that we will be supplying over 30,000 square meters of our award-winning PM Turf product to Solihull Metropolitan Council in a new 3-year project that will bring floral colour and […]

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