Meadow Maintenance

All meadows, whatever the style and regardless of how they were created, will need a few essential annual maintenance procedures to help keep them thriving.

An established meadow will naturally suppress some weeds, but some attention will be required to ensure more persistent weeds are kept to a minimum. Meadows will also require at least one cut per year to stop woody plants taking over and to keep it tidy. It can also result in a second flush of flowers in the autumn.

With the support of Pictorial Meadows, you benefit from having a team with the correct knowledge, experience, and equipment to undertake your meadow aftercare.

Saving you time and energy, allowing you to enjoy your meadow with the reassurance it’s in safe hands.

Our meadows maintenance service is perfect if you...

  • Are looking to reinvigorate an existing meadow
  • Are planning a new meadow and want to extend its longevity
  • Want to keep your meadows looking at their absolute best with the minimum of effort.

What does Meadows Maintenance involve?

Our professional team will be able to provide aftercare instructions or offer on-going scheduled visits to your location to include:

• A health review of the meadow
• An extensive weed survey
• A programme for weed removal
• Application of fertilisers if required
• Regular cut and collect schedules for the meadow
• Replanting and over-sowing advice as required.

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