Meadows Advice Centre Pictorial Meadows Turf FAQs

 How does Pictorial Meadows turf get supplied? Is it a roll?

Pictorial Meadows turf will be delivered on a pallet. It comes laid flat not rolled. The size of each turf is 1.2m by 0.60m

How do I prepare the ground for establishing my meadow by Pictorial Meadows turf?

You need to lay your turf on bare soil which has been pre-cultivated to remove any weeds or grass and has a loose friable soil surface. Make sure you have raked the surface over so it is relatively level and water the soil well immediately before laying your turf as this really helps the roots get going.

When is the best time to order and lay Pictorial Meadows turf?

The perfect time to order is as soon as you know you want to secure the turf as we grow a limited amount every year and many products can quickly sell out.
Your turf will then be held and grown-on in the field until ready for lifting, and you are ready for delivery. Pictorial Meadows turf can be laid at any time of the year as long as the soils are workable, but the ideal period is autumn as the product is at its best and the warm and moist soil is perfect to get good root establishment before really active growth and flowering takes off in late spring and summer. Do not lay when the turf or ground is frozen, and try and avoid summer as there is a real danger of loss unless you can sustain excellent irrigation.

Which soil is best to use for Pictorial Meadows turf?

It does depend on which Pictorial Meadows turf you are buying as whilst most soils are fine, some mixes prefer lower nutrient, free draining soils, where others prefer more moist or very dry soils. If you are in the position that you are also choosing soil for the site because it's a new landscape, then always opt for a low nutrient weed free sandy soil. This is because the lower fertility helps to deter the coarser weed growth in the years to come. Good drainage is also important for creating conditions that support the highest number of species.

Do I need to irrigate my Pictorial Meadows Turf?

Regardless of what season you lay your turf you should always pre-soak the ground before laying, and water the turf-in well immediately after laying. Most autumn, winter and early spring turf requires no follow-through irrigation, but later spring and all summer laid turf will need good irrigation every 3-4 days if there is no natural rainfall, until the roots have really penetrated into the underlying soil. Once established we do not recommend irrigating a PM meadow further.

What is the substrate made of in the Pictorial Meadows turf ?

Our Pictorial Meadows turf is grown on a specially formulated weed free compost that provides early nutrients, and an integrated biodegradable matting made from fully recycled products. The matting gives extra early support to hold the plant roots together when being lifted, transported and laid, it offers a really helpful weed control barrier for any weed seeds remaining in your soils as well as providing some additional water holding capacity.

Do the turf pieces come with the meadow flowers already in bloom?

Before lifting and transporting the meadow flowers will have been mown off but will reappear surprisingly quickly. Of course if you are laying in the late autumn through to early spring you wont see anything very exciting until active growth starts around April time, but expect a fully flowering meadow from the very first summer season.

Does Pictorial Meadow turf contain any grass?

Apart from a couple of our meadow mixes which contain a select few 'ornamental fine grasses' none of our meadows contain grass. Lawn and most common turf grasses grow very vigorously and quickly outcompete most flowering plants especially on normal nutrient soils, which is why we never use them in our products.

What maintenance must I do in the first year to get the best out of my newly laid Pictorial Meadows turf?

Very little at all! If it hasn’t needed to be irrigated and the preparation was good the main thing to do is to sit back and just enjoy a full years beautiful floral display. You’ll soon notice how quickly it starts to attract bees, butterflies and birds too! Before March the following year you will need to give the whole meadow a cut and collect. If you see any invasive weeds creeping in, then the quicker you pull out or spot spray with an appropriate herbicide the better, but generally a Pictorial Meadows turf meadow, is the easiest meadow solution to have.