Cornfield PA11 - From £0.83 per sq m

A pure mix of traditional British native annual wildflowers, this meadow is ideal for those sites where it might be inappropriate to introduce garden cultivars or non-native species. Reminiscent of cornfields and country lanes, this meadow is especially pretty especially in its main flowering period of June through to August and is abundant with favourites such as cornflower and poppy.

One of five annual meadow collections providing cost-effective landscaping solutions, which are easy to establish, very reliable and thrive in most soil conditions. Sow in a weed-free, sunny spot and read our full annual’s sowing guide.

Expect constantly changing colour combinations from late Spring through to early Autumn. Our mixes create incredible visual impact, whilst being a magnet for pollinators and other wildlife.

Recommended sowing time: Spring.

Recommended sowing rate: 3g per square metre.

Check your measurements when ordering your seed to avoid waste or underestimating. Pictorial Meadows™ annual mixes are very carefully formulated to include the species diversity within a m² and contain no grasses.